Client Consent for Therapy Intervention

Thank you for Showing interest and visiting our web introduction.

Dear User/Client/Visitor!

Below is your at a glance terms and conditions for you to know before you visit us or agree to work with us or engage in to any activity or services we offer through our online or onsite interactive programs.

Standard Protocol:

For the benefit of health, safety and security, may we ask you to observe the following;

SHOES: Antarmann is a shoe free zone. As a Tradition, kindly take off your shoes upon entering our Holistic Space. Please bring socks or slippers for your convenience.

ARRIVAL: Please come ahead of time at least 15 or 10 minutes early before the Session/Training/Workshop.

PARKING (Lucknow Centre): The parking of the car will be at your own risk outside our centre however there ample safe space for parking and our outside area is CCTV recorded.

As you arrive you will be attended to at our welcome area where our team will as you to register with your basic details. Once you register we will assist you to do a 30 minutes free consultation with available therapist. There will not be any fees or charges for this meeting. Once you agree after this interaction you will be offered a suitable package of 3, 5 or 10 sessions based upon your requirement/ our assessment or affordability. We have a team of therapists who operate in the range from 1000 to 7500 at the centre in person. The charges are based upon their level of competency and experience and specialization. You are free to choose to work with any with your discretion.

Once you agree to work with a therapist:-

you will be asked to sign this consent form by the therapist. Also possibility that the sessions will also be Audio recorded for quality and legal purposes as per the security guidelines we follow.



I, the walkin, or referral client of Antarmann Holistic Studio here by discharge the therapist (assigned to me) and Happiness Soulutions of any contractual obligation.
I am completely made aware of the modalities of therapy that will be used to heal me and I am giving the therapist the authority to work (with hypnotherapy and other integrated methods) on me.

I have been explained in detail how the therapy works and I have been duly informed about the modality and the functioning of the therapy. I understand the limitations of the therapy and
understand that the result of the therapy also depends upon a lot of external factors and my efforts.

I am also giving the consent to record my sessions and document my case and use it as a part of teaching module or research work.

I shall be committed to keep the confidentiality of techniques and process flow of therapy and shall not disclose the Standard Operating Procedures used at the Antarmann Clinic to any one other than my family members or concerned individuals.

Antarmann Wellness Studio Team of therapists has also agreed to keep my information and recordings and documents as confidential as per the professional ethics and norms recommended. Anything that needs to be published or social media as a testimonial I shall be informed about it prior and it will be done without disclosing my Identity!

I understand this very clearly.