Antarmann Therapy Approach

Extension of Happiness SOULutions, Antarmann is a holistic wellness abode. Focused on providing happiness through therapy, Antarmann offers both on-site and online therapy sessions. Following specific steps, and a variety of healing modalities we facilitate healing on sub cognitive level.


It is a 30 minutes free session where we interact with you for the first time and learn about you and your issues. It is also a time when we clear your queries and doubts relating to the whole process.

Commitment and Assessments

Once you get on board with us and commit to the healing, we begin with the first step, which is assessments. Through these, we get an overall idea of areas that need to be worked upon

Therapy and Healing Duration

It is subjective to each client. What modalities and how much time healing will take, directly depends on the clients and their matter.

Post Therapy Feedback and Assessments

We conclude the series of sessions by the follow-up sessions where we take feedback and once again assessments to check the growth.

We offer Therapies for
Self Mastery

For all those looking to heal out of emotional and other recursive patterns and grow to the next level in life, our approach facilitates individual growth in diverse areas of life. This includes career goals, personal goals, anger issues, self-esteem issues, confidence issues, fears, self- love issues and so much more!

Relationships Compatibility

Addressing a myriad of relationships, our relationship experts empower all those seeking to improve them. Couple counseling, along with pre-marital counseling, form one of our most commonly sought services. In fact, you can be empowered to change the dynamics of any estranged relationships, be they with parents, siblings, relatives, friends, colleagues and so on.

Family Therapy

We believe that when you begin healing, not only do you heal, but generations of trauma heals too. All you need to do is take that step to change the unhealthy dynamics within your family.Our team of experts bring to you modalities like Family Therapy, Family Constellations, along with ancestral healing, etc. Have a family doctor? Now you have a family therapist too!

Child Parent Harmony

Our approach also facilitates clients from the developmental and adolescent age groups. Our experts empower lives such that even at tender ages, you are oriented to and are in the habit of healing and grow in the light, no-matter what weighs our young clients down; be it Bullying, Learning disabilities, Autism, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and the like: To heal is to be empowered at whichever stage of life you are.

Spiritual & Energy Healing

A plethora of possibilities open for you when you choose to heal spiritually. Get a detailed chakra diagnosis along with inner child healing with us to begin your journey today. Our specialties also include life between life sessions, past life regression and karma dissolution, etc.

Clinical & Chronic Diseases

Our team of therapists specialize in handling disorders like anxiety, depression, etc. They also address various psycho-somatic issues, healing chronic ailments with a purely drugless, non- invasive and complementary approach.

Happiness Coaching

For those looking to develop their personality on the whole, our therapists coach and mentor you to walk your highest path and transform yourself into your ideal self. Be who you want to be by empowering yourself to attract like-minded people and becoming the co-creator of your reality

Corporate Coaching

For those from the corporate sector, our trainers provide a Middle-management program, Leadership Development Program, along with training in stress Management, Peak Potential development, Interpersonal relationships and team building, Growth and Goal accomplishment, De-addiction, and so on.

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