Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

By using our services we may ask for certain information relating personally identifiable information (Name, address, phone number etc. may not limited to this) to provide information and services to the client has asked for. Also to update client about other events that are organized by Antarmann Holistic Studio and for the contractual commitments.

Client shall be committed to keep the confidentiality of techniques and process flow of therapy and shall not disclose the Standard Operating Procedures used at the Antarmann Holistic Studio to anyone other than client, family members or concerned individuals.

Team of therapists has also agreed to keep my information and recordings and documents as confidential as per professional ethics and norms recommended. Anything that needs to be published or social media as a testimonial you shall be informed about it prior and it will proceed only with your consent.

To prevent from unlawful activities and to maintain the code of conduct and security the premises of Antarmann holistic studio are under CCTV surveillance, they do not infringe client right to privacy in any manner.

Your information will only disclose to a third party where we are lawfully expected to reveal your data or to protect fraudulent cases to avoid any credit risk.

Therapy packages are available for a period of 1 year starting from the day it was booked till it expires. It is the client liability to monitor the expiry dates. In case of rescheduled or cancellation of the session, client should inform Antarmann Holistic Studio within 24 hours' notification so we can oblige another client.

By using this site, you gave us the consent that you are well informed and aware of the above documentation.