Antarmann Lucknow

Welcome to Our Holistic Space!

The centre has been designed and conceived with care and nurturance. Asthetics and concept has been designed to reflect flexibility and humillity in our attitude. Ample use of precious and semi precious crystals that are embedded within the portions of constructions that gives a very calming soothing impact upon your soul energies. 

The centre is carefully cleansed 3 times a day. Cabins are cleansed before and after each clients leave so that no one pickes up negative leftover energy of each other after each healing or therapy session. 

On every Full moon and New Moon thorough cleaing before the meditations and events with sound bath, sage and other sacred elements like arabic Oud, camphor and Sacred waters from different holy places. This healing centre is for sure one of the unique spaces around in the whole of India you will find. 

If you are attracted to the vibes and feel like doing your workshops or trainings or diaplay your retail products at AHS
you are most welcome to message us on +91 888 146 2000 or email us at or

Thank you for your Valued Time!

Welcome Area for all Walk-in Clients
Seating for Walk-in Clients and Product Display at Welcome Area
As You enter inside arched passage looks so elegant
Aham Brahmasmi Space where you begin your first step towards your Self-Actualization!
1st Cabin to your right called "Surya"
2nd Cabin to your Right is Called "Chandra" for the emotional balance!
Opposite "Chandra" is our Retail #EnergyMedicine Display
Third Cabin to your right is called "Shakti" the prime creative force...
Shiva this Cabin is the Main Cabin where our Platinum Practitioner, our CEO is at Work!
Vortex the Staircase leading to the Brahmanda Hall
Moon phases passage after the Vortex Stairs...
Teaching area with all the AV facilities you can aspire to train here.
Retail and Books Shelf in the Brahmanda Hall
Classroom Set up in our "Brahmanda" Meditation Hall
Hall View with classroom set up for Big Group meetings or trainings
Meditation and Yoga Set up for group meditations
Outside Lounge named Moskha is for relaxing in between sessions during training or workshops.
Just before Moksha these are the three arches representing Gratitude, Forgiveness and Inner Security
Divinity and Crystals in every area energizes Antarmann for a complete healing experience.
Clean Washrooms with Rose Gold feel makes you go in a different world all together.