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Our Professional Certificate Courses
Certificate Courses in Happiness Coaching and Sub-Cognitive Counseling Modalities
(3 Modules)

The flagship certificate course of Happiness SOULutions, is about going into a much deeper understanding of the development of the human mind while also giving you a guided career path to create a stable future for yourself.

It is a venture “Project Happiness” dedicated to training and empowering upcoming Therapists, Healers, Psychologists and Medical and Health Professionals, Psychology graduates and Post Graduate students who aspire to become Skilled therapists and coaches to build competencies to boost their future work and practice as an Established Therapist and get listed with our App as a Certified Happiness Coach. Also, while you are learning, heal and know more about life ,and happy living and Happiness Giving.

(Post Graduate Diploma in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy)

EKAA Training Institute of Hypnotherapy announces for the first time ever a 1 year Diploma in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Structured Academic Approach with a total of 10 Papers of ICH EKAA Curriculum and 6 Modules of RM to be conducted by the Faculty from the field of Psychology with relevant experience, over 2 semesters of 6 months each.
This Post-Grad Diploma will be taught in the Online, Offline, Case Submissions and Project format.
Enrolments for the academic year 23-24 are exclusive with Happiness Solulutions on a Pan India basis.

The online schedule will commence on the 1st of August, 2023.
These sessions will be in full-day format over the weekends and 2 hours each for every early morning slot.
Enrollments will be on throughout the year for online sessions. Participants will be able to join the practice sessions as and when the onsite schedule is announced at the Lucknow Center.
Mostly, Practicals will be conducted twice a year during June and December at our Lucknow center.

There will be tests and projects. Case assessments will be conducted by Sikkim Skill University twice a year. Every academic year will end & at the end of the year two assessment tests by Sikkim Skill University.
Every participant will also be expected to submit 10 cases in audio and written format that will be assessed by the assessor in a viva voce format.

Upon clearing, every participant will get a Diploma Awarded by the Sikkim Skill University and a Certificate as an ICH Practitioner from Ekaa Training Institute of Hypnotherapy and IMHRC and Duely Signed by the Facilitator Happiness Soulutions.

Certificate courses in Therapeutic Neuro-Linguistic Programming
(2 Modules)

NLP is an excellent tool for influencing and setting Interpersonal dynamics right for mastering social skills. When you learn about Neuro-Linguistics and Role of language in therapeutic influencing, it makes a huge difference as a therapist to tap into the inner feelings of the client.
NLP, i.e Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a beautiful and powerful tool that is used to understand the language of our minds. As the name suggests, NLP is a combination of three components

Neuro: - How the neurology of the brain cells respond to different sensory and motor stimuli of the environment.
Linguistics: - This pertains to the kind of language we use to communicate with others and most importantly with ourselves.
Programming: - How our own parents and environment have shaped and conditioned our psyche by using a particular and certain kind of words and language.

Our Short Workshops
Behavioral Graphology

Your handwriting says it all. Learn to decode handwriting letter by letter to decode your life and that of others.

TAMAS - Embrace your core Darkness

The texture of your soul is defined to be the purest form of the consciousness that you were meant to be when you decided to play the game of life. It kept getting diluted over many incarnations because the human mind goes through many cycles of conditioning through various eras and yugas, progressing to the current time space, which we call KALI (Dark) Yuga (Time Space).

Quantum Chakras

Learn how the body creates diseases and how to heal psychosomatic diseases through body syndromes by getting into the understanding of energy dynamics and healing.

Spiritual Laws of Life

You can make sense of your life and receive the best out of it if you are familiar with the spiritual laws of life.

Family Constellation

An approach to detect issues and problematic patterns, which are passed down from generations, and heal.

Relationship Mastery

It requires effort and some skills to maintain a healthy relationship with anyone in life.

Rising Point

Rising Point - a 5-hour Workshop that does not aim to make you knowledgeable, but rather helps you progress in at least one area of your life where you feel you have stagnated and have been unable to grow.


Set of Internationally Certified Self Development and Professional courses.


Training programs to reinforce a positive mindset and support your career.


Workshops to raise awareness and knowledge in different spheres of life.

Our International
Affiliations and Memberships
  • All of our Teaching and Techniques are accepted in 35 countries and are affiliated to:

  • IACT- International Association of Counsellors and Therapists

  • FHT- Federation of Holistic Therapists.

  • RCCM- Research Council for Complementary Medicine.

Our Panel of Trainers
Mr. Rajesh Singh
Happiness Guru, Quantum Hypnotherapist and Consciousness Transformation Expert
Ms. Gurbani Kaur
Ms. Nishi Kaur
L1 Hypnotherapy Teacher, Reiki Healer, Astrology and Graphology Expert
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