Corporate Happiness Courses
Corporate Trainings for Middle Management and Top Leadership Management (MDP and LDP Coaching)

In any organizational set up the top managemnt and leadership playes a major role. 

Giving Direction to the team, envisioning the growt for the organization, creating win win solutions and more importantly managing minds and attitutes of team members. A leader in any organization can be trained for the above competancies with a syatematic well crafted program of over 2 days with us.  

Every given training program given below is completely customizable suited to your specific needs for entry level to top management programs, Annual sales conferrences to out bound training sessions.


Human Engineering (Customized Formats)

Body Mind Alignment to beat the stress is something we all need. a unique customizable experiential workshop we do it for organizations to assess stress levels and eliminate the fatigue and tension from work place, personal life as well as social or peer groups that your employees are bothered by.

Mental Emotional Social or Spiritual? every aspect of our life is interlinked to the way we see think feel and do things... 

For all goals we set for our growth face stressors and drainers in our performance due to ill emotional health and physical stress. 

This one day basis or two days advance module can help all your employees to build good bond, healthy communication and better inter compatibility understanding the formats of working together. Avoiding conflicts and increasing the synergistic work environment is the sole objective of this uniqie Soft Skills workshop.

ERASE - Emotional Release and Self-Empowerment

Our thoughts, negative feelings, beliefs and attitudes can negatively affect our body. When we think about a problem or crisis situation, our body responds by getting our body prepared either to run or to fight the situation. The free flow of energy in and around the body gets disrupted.

How does energy flow in our body?
Energy flows in our body through invisible pathways known as Meridians. A meridian is an energy highway in the human body. Meridians allow the flow of energy to circulate throughout the body. In simple words, meridian system is an energy distribution network. When the energy flows freely in the body, the body remains healthy. Due to outer stress caused by unresolved emotional issues, the body’s meridians can become clogged or stagnant. When a blockage occurs along the meridians, it could lead to physical issues like dis-ease in body as well as emotional issue.