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Spiritual awakening is a journey from confusion to clarity. It is a path to self-actualization that begins with the first step of self-awareness. Pain becomes the entry point for many of us to come on the path of spirituality. When you understand others’ pain through your own journey you are good at healing others as well!

Gurbani Kaur
Holistic Psychologist and Happiness Coach

Life is easier when we have someone to talk to, share feelings with. Having someone who can listen to us endlessly with patience and compassion is like a treat to the soul.

Nishi Kaur
Graphologist and Inner Child Therapy Expert

Tuning in to the body and discomfort that each one of us go through it takes expertise to penetrate and investigate which disease is being manufactured by your mind and why the body is suffering? Deepshika is Core somatic (body work) and Inner Child Healing expert...

Deepshikha Singh
Psychologist, Core Somatic Regression & Inner Child Healing Expert

Each one of us has qualities that make us who we are, which becomes our focal point of strength. Finding that quality and then believing in it can be a task for most. Ms. Akanksha is that one person who spots these qualities instantly and makes it to a point where people embrace them.

Akanksha Srivastava
Biotechnologist and Inner Child Regression Therapist (Psycho-Somatic Expert)

We tend to unknowingly get into a state where we deny reality and think that everything is fine in life until our environment decides to shake us up and leave us with no option but healing. But we don't need to go through such intense breakdowns just to realize the wounded parts within.

Kartikeya Chauhan
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Psychologist, Sound & Crystal Healing Expert

Even the strongest dunes cannot exhaust the light of a lamp which is determined to burn and to tell you the truth, Vasundhara’s journey is no different. In sharing the story of our youngest therapist, we share an instance of passion, patience and persistence.

Vasundhara Shukla
Happiness Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Budding Psychologist,

From healing her own issues of Self-acceptance, nurturance, etc. today she is a hidden image enhancement and mental makeover expert . Coming from a background of make-up and personal grooming, as a therapist, Anshika today takes keen interest in reviving clients with issues of confidence, poor self-expression and communication with peers, low self esteem and self-image, etc.

Anshika Prasad
Image Consultant, Happiness Coach & Emerging Hypnotherapist

A practicing psychologist, Sanuja through her journey declared to the world that it's never too late to try something new. Looking to expand her skillset, as a budding Happiness Coach, her own physical breakdown with multiple allergies brought her close to her calling, Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Sanuja K M
Psychologist, Happiness Coach & Emerging Hypnotherapist

Led by her calling to help others like herself to resolve their emotional battles, life shifted gears for Mahima, as she trained herself as a therapist, but also healed from several issues that weighed her down throughout her childhood.

Mahima Goyal
Happiness Coach & Budding Hypnotherapist