Therapy Orientation

1. What are the possibilities that can happen when things shift for the positive if you take therapeutic assistance?

  • You will get a bird’s eye view of what's currently happening in your situation and you will be able to vent out your emotional pain which will perhaps provide clarity in making choices that lead to a favorable outcome.
  • You will regain more clarity and balance your emotions. You will get more aware of your emotions and will have the tools to handle them in time rather than depending upon someone from outside.
  • You will empower yourself to handle the challenging situation in your life.
  • You will be clearly identifying thoughts and beliefs that are negative and draining you emotionally and mentally and will be able to review and resolve the pain that is coming from within.
  • You will be emotionally and mentally looking forward to co-creating your highest potential and walking your highest path with ease.

2. What to expect from a 30 mins free consultation?

  • Discovery Call/consultation is approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
  • You can talk about what is it that you want to achieve from therapeutic work.
  • You will be able to understand how therapeutic assistance can help you in the aspect of life that you intend to heal.
  • Your therapist will guide you as to how many sessions will be required in order to achieve your objective ( emotional balance, mental health, clarity, and peace
  • The therapist will lead how to proceed with the therapy sessions.
  • As you decide, to proceed with the therapy sessions, your therapist will provide details of the assessment tests that you require to fill out as per instructions given by your therapist. 

3. What to expect from 1st Session?

  • Understanding of how mind, beliefs, and associations operate.
  • Understanding of how thoughts, emotions, energy, and the physical body play an important role in our overall wellness.
  • Understanding of how the mind and physical body and current reality are connected.
  • Behavioral and Emotional Assessments and the understanding of the results from an expert with fairly strong experience in the field.
  • Followed by a relaxation and therapy session. Over a package that you have acquired.


Is therapy work really Magical?

Your determination and willingness will play an important role in bringing about a positive shift in your life.

Kindly also be informed that the therapy is an intervention that is based upon the inputs and applications of the learnings over 21 days to 90 days time frame. It's not a magic remedy that something that has been there for the longest time will get resolved in 1 or 2 sessions. 

The more trusting and open you remain the process will lead to a win-win understanding and resolution. During the recovery process, the trained therapist assigned to you will take care of your triggers and painful associations and heal the same using different integrative healing modalities to heal thoughts emotions energy, and the physical body. 

Your support and faith will help the therapist to give their best. By giving consent to the therapist you understand and agree that it's a 50:50% partnership toward recovery with accountability, commitment, and regular follow-up.



Frequently Asked Questions regarding Therapy

Q1. How does therapy work?
Therapy work involves both educating the client and working in a relaxed state of mind where the conscious mind is at rest and at a subconscious level, the reprogramming of emotions, negative associations with situations, and your reactions.

Q2. Are drugs involved in therapy?
Drugs are not at all involved in therapy.

Q3. Will this approach work for me?
The more open and receptive you are, the more this therapeutic approach will work for you. These therapy sessions have brought life-transforming positive shifts for many.  Thus, this can be summed up that these sessions have a high probability of achieving the desired outcome for you.

Q4. Is it confidential?
Absolutely, these sessions are highly confidential.
Therapists are trained and certified to keep everything that is discussed in the session to themselves. The only time when your details are discussed with the therapist that has more experience and is a mentor to your therapist, to ensure that you receive the best service.

Q5. How often will I see my therapist?
This entirely depends on your and your therapist’s next availability. Ideally, one session in a week or 2 sessions in a week are the usual way of connecting and proceeding with the sessions.

Q7. What are the problems that can be solved with the therapy approach?
There are many emotional aspects, mental aspects:

Low Confidence, Low self-esteem, or low self-worth issues,
Self-acceptance and drawing boundaries,
Emotional issues, Mood swings, 
Anxiety and constant worry,
Poor concentration,
Feeling of being stuck and unable to move forward in life,
Depression and helplessness,
No clarity about life choices and career choices,
Fears that interrupt in smooth functioning of life such as fear of criticism, fear of driving,  fear of making changes in life, fear of public speaking, fear of facing interviews, etc.
Repressed anger, guilt, embarrassment.