Pre Therapy Video Resources
3. Theory of the Mind by Dr. John Kappas
A therapeutic model for the believers to become achievers. How to use the full p[otential of the power of the subconscious mind. Understanding STRESS and FATIGUE, this video will help you understand the complete software that our brain uses to execute or
2. History of the Development of the Human Mind
Understand how from an Instinctual primitive living to modern social being the human mind has evolved? FIGHT and FLIGHT to Play Dead / Depression is all an interplay of the human beliefs and behavior.
1. Therapy Introduction
How Therapy will help you? Why the need to create these videos that you can watch and share...
Passion Path Profession Purpose Clarity
If you are looking for a Life Purpose and alignment of your passion to make it your path to profession... this video will help you get that clarity!