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A coffee a day keeps your fatigue and stress away!
The word coffee entered the English language in 1582 via the Dutch koffie, borrowed from the Ottoman Turkish kahve (قهوه), borrowed in turn from the Arabic qahwah (قَهْوَة).
Caffeine is the most natural and oldest known substance known that acts as a natural form of Anti-Depressant. It activates the nervous system in the most harmless ways if consumed with right awareness one can use it to the benefit to strike the inner and outer balance by boosting your immunity, vitality and vigor.

The earliest traces of coffee / something similar to the description of coffee can be seen in Vedic literature - where it has been compared to invoke the spirit and senses due to its analgesic properties. The word used there is something on the lines of “chitt (mann)” + “ish(of the god)”. Chitt: ish.
On an average, a person is known to have a 6 times better memory and sharpness in focus, boosted memory and activated nervous system, compared to a non-coffee drinker.

Why have a coffee with the coach?

“Coach” word originally comes from sports. To Train an individual to master a skill in playing of a particular sport. However in a broader term “Coaching” refers to a method of training, counselling or instructing an individual or a group how to develop skills to enhance their productivity or overcome a performance problem.

Here at “Antarmann” we serve “Coffee" with “Coach” in the most unique way both these elements blended together to improve life style, be happy, stress free, clear thinking while making choices and get to the next level of life in personal, professional, social and spiritual to attain your highest path.

Giving direction to your aspirations and goals vision and actions a desired boost so that you can fulfill your purpose of being in this dimension called Earth, so that you can return from wherever you have come!

Happiness Coaching?
Sharing the formula of living a happy life. As happiness comes from Inner security we at Antarmann believe that if a person learns how to be secured? it bring an end to all the suffering that the human mind believes and latches on in order to create suffering.

Ask our coach to help you understand this in more wholesome way.

 Values we nurture in this space:

  • Sattva: The power of “Satvik” living without any adulteration or contamination in body or mind.
  • Tattva: Activating the senses to the elements and consciousness that we are in our soul composition.
  • Sattya: operating out of the power of integrity and integrated living to align our thoughts emotions energy and physical body.
  • Dharma:Knowing your unique place and position wherever you are and whatever role you are playing.
  • Karma: Taking actions without leaving any imbalance without hurting the sentiments of the other individual or act you are involved with.
  • Gyaana: Knowledge is the mother of all creation. Engaging in endless learning in order to co-create the life you have been seeking!
  • Dhyaana: Meditate and focus upon the good and what’s working? Going within to find the required resources to attempt at self-completion rather than depending upon the outside to find the answers!

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