Rajesh Jagdish Singh

Quantum Hypnotherapist, Happiness Guru, Intuitive Energy Healer, International Senior Facilitator of Hypnotherapy, Corporate Motivational Speaker

A force of life himself, meet the person who saw a vision of a healed environment and since then has only put his best foot forward, Mr. Rajesh Singh. From vigorously working on self to believing that healing is for everyone and then creating a platform that facilitates the same, he has come a long way and still has miles to go.

Mr. Rajesh Singh is an expert when it comes to human behavior & mind, and life in general. He started his career as a corporate trainer and now he’s one of the influential therapists. With endless learning and investing in self, he's now a Certified Quantum Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Handwriting Analyst, Inner Child & Past Life Expert.

Naturally a keen observer, Mr. Rajesh Singh is a student of life. Hence, he's effortlessly able to bring compassion and understanding to where ever he goes and the lives he touches. He is not only our CEO and a Senior Therapist but also a teacher, a guide who breathes in the zeal to transform the lives of others, for good.

Professional Journey:

Starting as a Young Post Graduate in Biotechnology, Mr. Singh’ s life took a turn after he encountered a grave near-death experience and returned, as if he witnessed death closely, spiralling back to serve a divine purpose of healing with some intuitive supernatural experiences. 

Having facilitated over 50,000 individuals through his journey of almost two decades, he is today, one of the top 3 facilitators of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy in India. 

In fact, his contribution to Holistic Sciences and Therapies is nothing short of a Midas touch, as his compassion and zeal to empower lives towards self-completion and his legacy of integrity, responsibility, commitment, and passion, remain unparalleled. 

Having resolved to take holistic sciences to every household in the country, as well as train efficient therapists and coaches to serve their fellowmen, Mr. Singh founded Happiness SOULutions in 2017, with Ms. Gurbani Kaur and today works diligently towards his dream with his handpicked team of experts who hope to mirror his zeal and hard work someday. 

Certifications and Accolades

  • Certification of Behaviour Therapies and Clinical Hypnotherapy by California Hypnosis Institute, USA (licensed by Indian Board of Alternative Medicine)
  • Certified Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Timeline Therapist (Creative Patterns of Personal Change) , (Richard Bandler’s Format of NLPs)
  • Core Competency Training Program for Behaviour Excellence by EKAA Foundation (formerly known as CHII)
  • Certified Holistic Stress Management Expert , by KEVALA , UK
  • Professional Member of International Association of Teamwork Facilitators
  • Over 1000 hours and two decades of his decoded wisdom of Reiki, ESP, Regression Therapies, Self Esteem Coaching, Quantum Physics, Emotional Freedom Technique, Handwriting Analysis, Acupressure, etc. 

Corporate Clientele:

 Corporate Clientele of Rajesh Singh

Therapy Specialisations : 

  • Timeline and Other Regression Therapies
  • Graphology (Handwriting and Signature Analysis)
  • Psycho-Somatic Disease Management and Resolution
  • Sound Healing & Elixir Therapy and Energy Medicine

Other Services Offered :

  • Holistic Stress Management
  • Corporate Behavioural Transformative Soft Skills Training
  • Success, Leadership and Abundance coaching 
  • Relationship Compatibility and Mastery
  • Chief Facilitator - Happiness Coaching, Graphology, Quantum Chakras, Spiritual Laws of Life, etc. 
  • Guided Meditations, including New Moon and Full Moon Meditations, Sound Baths, etc.