Shree Mantra

Shree Mantra with Antarmann
7 days 7 Insightful sessions
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Time to decode the Ultimate Mantra of Abundance. Identify Beliefs, Experiences, Behaviours which take you away from the frequency of wealth.
That’s right. Money is a form of energy. A resource, when handled properly, generates many opportunities for an individual. But when we operate out of our limited maps of how much we earn, unfruitful patterns of spending or the sheer lack of saving, we create many unhealthy associations with money which not only drain us, but also many other areas of our life. Know what it is at your end that you can do differently when handling money and how to create more wealth with the same money as you decode Your own Shree Mantra.

This Festive Season, Welcome Shree through Healing, Learning, and Growing. Join us for Shree Mantra 

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Speaker of the Month
Anita Sehgal
Ancestral Healing Expert, Hypnotherapist
Introducing Speaker
Dr. Rajiv Naidu
Homoeopathic Physician, Mind-body Wellness Expert & Life Empowerment Coach
Introducing The Therapist
Akanksha Srivastava
Biotechnologist, Inner Child Regression Therapist & Psychosomatic Expert
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Area That everybody needs help in

To become emotionally independent and secure it is important to recognize that there can be many aspects of life that can require healing.

  • Family psychology
  • Elderly couple issues
  • Depression treatment
  • Couple counselling
  • Stress issues
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Academic performance
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Fear and Phobia
  • Craving and weight management.
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