Retail, Refund and Purchase policy


All Payments for products & services made through any of the payment methods such as bank transfer, online payments through 3rd Party Vendors, Cash, Cheque & Credit Card towards Antarmann Holistic Studio registered under Labour Law and GST Scheme by the Government, are non-refundable via cash however will be returned back only via account transfer after deducting the taxes, unless due to the following reasons:

  • A course is cancelled upon which 100% refund/credit note is applicable via cheque and not cash.
  • Goods such as retail products are damaged or defective. (7 days return window, upon receipt)
  • Death or significant health issues that the client voiced as a result of hospitalisation, where necessary, such as in health reports and doctors' notes. The ultimate choice will be made at the studio's discretion, Antarmann Holistic Studio.
  • For all already rendered services, we do not provide any refunds. Please get in touch with us by phone or email if you need to cancel your service at least 24 hours in advance to avoid paying a cancellation charge.
  • For details about cancelling and receiving a refund for group trainings and events, please visit the homepage for the one you have signed up for. Please get in touch with us if you're not sure how to access that.
  • If you want to cancel any bookings made as part of a package (Sessions) before using all of the sessions, the computation will be adjusted automatically, and you'll be charged something akin to the standard session pricing for the amount of sessions you've already used (plus any add-ons, processing fees, etc.). The difference between this rate and the cost of the bundle will be credited back to your Antarmann Holistic Studio account.
  • If a client misses more than two visits or consultations due to a failure to adhere to protocol instructions, the centre reserves the right to terminate their subscription.

(T&C may occasionally change without prior notice. Any upcoming transactions with Happiness Soulutions and Antarmann Holistic Studio will be subject to the modifications.)


  • In order to claim a paid reservation, you must appear at reception and let the receptionist know you are there.
  • By using our website's online payment options, you agree to these conditions. Use of our online payment services is prohibited if you do not adhere to these terms. These terms apply to all online payments. 
  • If you provide incorrect information, we cannot be held legally responsible for payments being recorded on the incorrect account, however we will use all reasonable efforts to reallocate any such payments that may occur.
  • If your credit/debit card provider declines payment for whatever reason, we are not obligated.
  • After the client has registered and used an online payment facility to pay the fee. Under no circumstances will he or she be permitted to back out of the transaction. He or she will need to get in touch with Antarmann Holistic Studio for help.
  • If a client wants to cancel a paid reservation, they can only do so up to 24 hours prior to the event by cancelling a reservation with a refund back as a credit at Antarmann. In the event of a late cancellation, the booking fee will either be forfeited (for events costing INR 1000 or less) or will be reduced by an INR 500 cancellation fee (for events costing INR 2000 or more), which will be used to cover Happiness Soulutions' reservation fee, facility fee, instructor fee, etc.
  • Clients who made their reservations and payments online will only be permitted to attend the event up until five minutes after it has begun. It shall be deemed a no show and will be implemented if a client was unable to arrive within the given time frame. Please understand that by preventing disruptions for individuals who are arriving late, Happiness Soulutions is ensuring that the other attendees of the event, particularly those participating in meditations, will have the best experience.
  • If Happiness Soulutions @ Antarmann may postpone an event because of an emergency. All customers who paid in advance for the event will have their funds refunded to their Happiness Soulutions/Credit Antarmann's Account accounts for the duration of the event. For more details, the client will also be contacted.


  • You must pay 50% of the session's total price to secure your reservation. For instance, if the session costs INR 3000, INR 1500 must be paid at the time of booking using online methods. (Offering EASY AND SECURE PAYMENT METHODS)
  • You must give the Happiness Soulutions Team at Antarmann at least 24 hours' notice if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment so that we can find an alternative client.
  • There is no fee for cancellations or rescheduling made within 24 hours, and the deposit paid will be applied to the customer's account for future usage.
  • There will be a 200 INR cancellation fee applied to any rescheduling or cancellations made with LESS THAN 24 hours' notice. Happiness Soulutions has the authority to withhold the money from the package sessions or reimburse the client at their following session.
  • From the original date of purchase, therapy packages are good for three (3) MONTHS. The client is accountable for monitoring the expiration dates.
  • Once that package has expired, it cannot be redeemed again.
  • Before the first therapy session or consultation, a Confidentiality & Consent form must be signed.
  • After the session is over, all payments must be cleared. If for any reason the following circumstances prohibit payment from being cleared: Rejected Credit Card, Insufficient Funds, Lost Bag, client will be requested to leave behind a crucial document at the reception until the payment is cleared, such as your passport or government ID card.

While a specific package is in effect, all sessions and services cannot be transferred to another facilitator or client.


  • Students must provide us advance notice of confirmation and enrollment in order to meet organization, space, and certification criteria. As a result, students are required to obey the following rules: 50% any course costing more than INR 5000 requires a deposit in advance to guarantee a spot.
  • Deposits and advance payments are non-refundable and non-transferable in the event of a no-show. However, credit notes are given out and funds are transferred to other services without incurring a cost if a workshop is cancelled with less than three days' notice. A cancellation fee of INR 500 will be charged with less than 3 days' notice.
  • Prior to the start of the workshop or training programme, all payments must be received in full. Happiness Soulutions has the right to reject enrollment in any programme and to withhold funds, payments or the other requirements have not been met. If for any reason the following circumstances prevent payment from being cleared: Rejected Credit Card, Insufficient Funds, Lost Bag: Until the payment has been processed, you must leave a crucial document behind, such as your passport or Emirates ID card, at Antarmann Holistic Studio.


In order to assist you and alleviate your financial obligations, Happiness Soulutions offers exclusive discounts, offers, and packages with simple and workable monthly payment plans.

  • After receiving confirmation and taking advantage of the deal, a down payment will be needed, and then a monthly payment schedule must be adhered to.
  • 48 hours before the next instalments, which is due using all the handy payment options listed above, you will receive a reminder message, email, and invoice.
  • In the event that monthly instalment payments are not made on time, a fee of INR 100 per day will be assessed.
  • Post-dated cheques are welcomed and appreciated in this case to avoid any complications.
  • A draught short-term agreement or contract will be emailed to the client and will include the terms and the payment schedule.


We can assist you if you need to exchange or refund a product order for any reason. Within 7 days of receiving your order, you can return the product to us for a refund or exchange. You can exchange your product for a new one, get shop credit, or get your money back using the original payment method (T&C applies)

Return and exchange policy:

Please be careful to inspect the item to confirm that it is in good shape before leaving the centre or upon receiving the delivery; it is crucial to notify Antarmann Holistic Studio representative on the same day.)

Please get in touch with us at the following information for any more inquiries or clarifications:

Email:, cc: Phone: 9am-9:30pm (Indian Standard Time) +91 888146 2000/777


If at all any Refund Process due to genuine and acceptable reasons upon giving required explanation and proofs:

  • Refund transactions can take 2–15 business days to complete. Please be aware that shipping and GST fees are not refundable. (If appropriate)
  • All shipping costs associated with the product refund will be covered by the client and subtracted from the product price (If applicable)
  • Upon confirmation of a refund or exchange, store credit will be automatically applied to client Antarmann Holistic Studio and may be used for any services or goods.
  • For purchases made using gift vouchers, only product exchange is permissible; gift vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be partially or fully redeemed for cash or gift cards. 
  • Client will be given a gift credit for the amount of their return if the item was marked as a gift when it was purchased and shipped to them directly. Client will receive a gift certificate in the mail after the returned item has been received.
  • We will issue the present donor a refund for the return shipping costs if the item wasn't identified as a gift when it was purchased or the gift giver had the order delivered to themselves to give to you later.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Additional Summary:

All payments for products and services made through Cash, online transactions, bank transfer , credit card and check towards Antarmann holistic Studio  are non-refundable especially GST once paid will not be refunded, the cost price paid will be non-refundable unless:

  1. Payments made on online purchase if the product has any defect, we will not issue a refund. Instead, you will need to contact us immediately and send the defected goods back to us within 36 hours as we will resolve the issue and send you the correct product within twenty-four (24) to seventy-two (72) business hours from the time we receive your report.
  1. Once made payment for therapy sessions are non-refundable but valid for other family member therapy treatment or for meditations and other paid events.
  1. The purchase of goods needs to be checked within the premises of centre whether they are broken, scratched or chipped, once you walk out of centre, the goods and products are non- refundable.
  1. We will not allow any request for refunds for products that have been already used. We also claim all the right to refuse any refund request with no reasonable grounds other than what is stated in this policy.

 This Refund Policy isn't pertinent for any item bought through deceitful activity. Assuming we find that you are disregarding any policy, rules, and guidelines of buying our items, we will naturally drop your request to buy and block you from our site. We may likewise seek after lawful proceedings against you if essential.

Courses, Meditations or Workshops Provided by Happiness Soulutions / Antarmann Holistic Studio if got cancelled or postpones client will be informed and the amount will be refunded and if it’s cancelled from client side there is no refund given back.