10 ways to build your self-confidence

Posted on - Mar 08, 2022 | 3 min read

10 Ways to build your Self-Confidence

Do you keep on pondering over thoughts like "What did I lack in me to not get that long-desired promotion?”, “I am not good enough to stay in any healthy relationship”, "I won't be able to do it" or "Maybe I am not the right fit or maybe this isn't the right moment"

Quite often, we come across situations in our lives when self-doubts and low self-confidence become best friends to us! Blaming and criticizing ourselves for a slow-moving career, unhealthy relationship, or ill health; all this comes naturally to us!

It’s when you start finding blemishes in yourself and your abilities and perceive others doing the same with you, you become a victim of low self-confidence. However, the click bit here is that the only person who believes strongly that “It’s not my cup of tea” or “It’s out of my capabilities” is You.

The key to deciding whether you want to be friends with self-doubts and low self-confidence or you want to shake hands with a boosted sense of self-confidence and self-belief still lies within you.

You just need to insert that key in the right set of locks to actually meet your true, authentic, and confident self. So, let’s decode it together as to how one can rebuild their self-confidence after having faced certain unsaid setbacks in life!

10 Ways to Build Self-Confidence: -

1. Positive Self-talk: - You speak to yourself the most in a day. At times in the whispers of the night sky and at times during the heavy crowd of the day so every time you see yourself becoming a victim of the critical self-talks of your mind with phrases like “I will never be able to succeed in anything” or “It’s not my cup of tea” etc., instantaneously snap yourself out of the thought by changing your self-talk to something encouraging and positive.

2. Gratitude Journal: - The last 30 minutes before going to sleep are the magical 30 minutes as the kind of thought and emotion that you sleep with, be it light or heavy, is the feeling you would wake up with the next day. Review your day before bed. From the perspective of all that you did and showed up for which even includes brushing your teeth and getting ready for college or work.

3. Mirror Talk: - Every time you stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and appreciate yourself for your presence and the amazing work you do! And repeatedly remind yourself “I love and accept you for who you are”.

4. Grounding activities: - Activities like barefoot walking on the grass, going out in the sunlight, staying hydrated, etc. can help you focus more on the present with a “What else is possible” attitude and reduce your swing into the past experiences of defeat and failure that give you the future anxiety of current plan instilling a system of low self-confidence within you.

5. Affirmation Writing: - Only if you know, our mind is literal and smart enough to believe and execute all that you ask it to do. Fill it with some positive, encouraging thoughts and beliefs that can help you regain your confidence and faith in yourself.

Repeating and replaying phrases like “I feel confident in all that I do and achieve”, “I trust myself and my abilities'' like a chant in the head will over time become a part of your present, physical reality as your mind has already conceived the idea of being one with a boosted sense of self-esteem and self-worth. You can begin writing such positive statements that encourage you just before you go off to sleep.

6. Vision Board: - Create a vision board for yourself and start working on it one day at a time.

7. Future Journaling:- Chunk down your to-do list into small daily tasks and close your eyes, take a deep breath, and go ahead in the future maybe 3 months down the line and see yourself exactly with the confidence that you want to build in yourself. All that you can possibly imagine and envision today is all that your mind can execute in the reality ahead. So, one fortnight at a time start working on it.

8. Start taking actions: - Allow yourself to make mistakes and take action to get your ideas into reality by dropping the need to be perfect and appreciating yourself for trying. Trying is always one of the major keys to success.

9. Being Comfortable with self: - Stop comparing yourself, your looks, and your journey to someone else. Try out something new like clicking selfies, posting about your journey on social media, being expressive about how you feel, and becoming more open to self-development opportunities!

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. In today’s era, where everything is becoming online, start attending the courses and keep your cameras on:)

Overcome your fear of judgment by taking these small steps towards growth.

The thought cloud space keeps you drifting so the first thing is to develop your will.

We all have come across the saying, Where there is a will, there is a way. In other words, the skill will come.

Creating a benchmark for yourself that how can I be better than yesterday helps you develop a positive attitude towards life and heading towards the growth of love and light becomes easy.

10. And lastly, Believing to seeing!

You need to believe in yourself first, even when you feel not so confident. Being absolutely okay with being uncomfortable and making mistakes, being okay with not being liked by all!

This too is part of the process.

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Love, light, and healing

-Team Happiness