Procrastination - Cause and Effect!

Posted on - Mar 08, 2022 | 3 min read


There are several of us who consider resting a luxury in between their work. While there are others who leave scope for themselves to take the much-needed breathers between work. There are some more of us who are demotivated at the idea of all the pending tasks and hence decide to rest before motivation knocks on our door, instead of beginning to summit the mountain ahead. 

Ask yourself, are you really resting? 
Do you feel rested at the end of the breaks you take?
In most instances, we feel all the more stressed, short of time and helplessly complete our tasks with all the built-up anxiety.
Where does that leave you and your health?

In plain terms, one procrastinates/ postpones by not doing something that they are supposed to do at a given point, and instead of doing something else that doesn't benefit them in any way. This usually happens when one feels burdened by all that is on their plate (for example, watching a web series when you have a lot of pending assignments to complete). 

To put it differently, it is a way to indirectly avoid the responsibility that you find additional or extra. 

But if you feel there are additional responsibilities on you that burden you, would you not choose to draw healthy boundaries and report your capacity to whoever is diverting it your way; this against not reporting, and sitting on the work, hastily completing it at the end, at the cost of your health and peace, till the authority finds you incapable and diverts the load away or relieves you of the responsibilities given your apparent deterioration in health or general work performance. 

If you read what was written, you understand that you are in a way passively (indirectly) expressing your hostility instead of taking charge with assertiveness and drawing healthy boundaries. Put simply, this is one of the many instances of passive-aggressive behavior, unknown to us. 

Laziness is passive-aggressive behavior. So is procrastination and the catch is that passive-aggressive behavior is always accompanied by an element of self-sabotage. Like in the instance above, choosing to compromise on our health and reputation, instead of drawing boundaries or being vocal about our work limitations is a classic instance of self-sabotage. 

This means every time you feel lazy or procrastinate in completing your work, you need to introspect to know which authority are you being passive-aggressive towards and how you can mindfully avoid sabotaging your own growth, taking charge of your life and progress. 

What is it that you are unconsciously being hostile towards, that doesn't bode well with you and choose to heal that part of you? This will not only take care of your physical and emotional health but also never let you or others be the roadblock to your growth. 

Healing is a choice you make to walk the highest path in your life. And growing out of your passive-aggressive tendencies (even if unconscious) to a more healed behavior, is a key to that. 

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