Embracing the Divine Feminine within

Posted on - Mar 08, 2022 | 3 min read

Divine Feminine

Is it too hyped? Or is it too suppressed? Is it about talking and fighting for gender rights in the name of feminism? Or is it something more than that? Maybe something as soft as the white cotton or something as fierce as the lion’s roar.

Feminine power is fluid with its flow as smooth as the water. It knows how to pave its way towards the shore even if there are stones all around. It’s about being fierce, strong, resilient, soft, gentle, and nurturing all at the same time.

Is it gender-biased? Or is it an unexplored Universal power within each one of us?

Each one of us has both, the female (YIN) and the male (YANG) energies are installed within our systems naturally. Depending upon the kind of body you get and the conditioning you receive for the same, one of the energies takes over and builds your personality and as your personality builds your personal reality, you often end up either becoming too masculine or too feminine. Striking the balance between both the energies and embracing them with gratitude is what will help us ground and be in the moment.

What exactly is the female and male energy?

The female energy of the yin energy is all about softness, openness, vastness, surrender, flow, and the being. It's being fully in the moment and truly, deeply, fiercely feeling what is there to be felt.

The masculine energy or the yang energy is all about providing, deciding, focusing, and leading. It’s more about doing than being. With too much masculine energy, you might find it difficult to give away your control over anything or everything. You might fear being vulnerable and being too close to your issues or daily life problems.

Why is acknowledging and embracing feminine power so important?

The power of the feminine is many things!! It is the mother who nurtures and loves, and also the mother who fiercely protects- who is the seductress, the playfulness, and the wisdom. It is an intimate connection with the divine. It's the ability to feel love and anger at the same time. To move mountains- maybe not physical ones but the massive emotional ones that crush the unprepared and leave many in feelings of hopelessness. To embrace feminine power is to embrace the power to ignite feelings of love and passion and devotion in anyone- just by expressing the truth in your own heart and soul. 

Will you be able to protect and provide without your body and mind? Will you be able to control when your body and mind themselves are out of your control? Probably no, right? This is perhaps one of the main reasons for you to embrace and acknowledge the feminine within. Acknowledging how much your body does for you and embracing it with gratitude is the work of the feminine within you. Feminine power is wild and passionate- it's soothing and gentle- it's cold and cruel- it's on fire.

How to embrace this feminine within?

There is power in embracing every aspect of oneself, and there is more power in allowing than you can possibly imagine. It's time to come back to yourself. It’s time to come back to our awareness. It’s now time to acknowledge and accept.

There is a greater power in your being. It’s the blessed Universal power within each of us irrespective of our genders. So, start with the acknowledgment of this power. At AntarMann, we believe and coach that flowing requires stillness. You talk to yourself the most in a day so be gentle with the words that you use and address yourself with. Start caring for yourself and start loving yourself. Ground and meditate. Become still and the flow will follow. No matter who you are, no matter what you've done, no matter where you live or what you do for a living; There is power in your intuition and magic happens only when the ends of logic and intuition meet so make it happen by believing in this intuitive Divine power within.